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      咨詢熱線:0917-3811660 簡體中文 English

      Titanium plate

      Titanium coil/plate specifications: thickness δ0.1~δ60

      Executive standard: GB/T 3621-2007, ASTM B265,

      Other requirements for titanium plate: The plate surface is flat, can be bent and stamped.

      Features of titanium sheet: low density (4.51KG/m3), high melting point (1660℃),

      Strong corrosion resistance, high specific strength and good plasticity.

      Titanium coil/plate size: thickness 0.5-60mm, maximum width 2000mm,

      Maximum length 12000mm

      Titanium sheet production state: hot working state (R) cold working state (Y) annealing state (M)

      Surface treatment of titanium plate: pickling, sandblasting, polishing

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